james_a1_200My name is James Hill. I am a hobby DIY man. My passion is good tools and equipment that saves time and makes life more enjoyable.

But kitchen chores I don’t love quite as much. And I don’t like seeing my family members spend too much time on cleaning or doing the dishes.

Good tools can help to spend less time on chores and give it instead to your family and things that you really love doing.

This site Best Sinks And Faucets is dedicated to finding the best sink and faucet models, reviewing and comparing them.

Get it right with the faucet and sink, and you will be surprised how much easier it gets to manage the cooking and cleaning works in the kitchen.

My personal favorites are faucets with some advanced function like touch sensitivity or hands-free function. When it comes to kitchen sinks, I’m a great fan of double sinks because they allow me to separate two different jobs like washing and rinsing. I find it an advantage to be able to do so.

But I also agree that there are a lot of great single sinks, too. I try to find the best out of the best to feature on this site.

I hope you will find some useful ideas.

Have a great day.

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