Mar 062013

Fresh clean water may not be available directly from your water supply.  A cleaner water can be achieved with a suitable filter. But what kind of filter are you really longing for?

Would you go with one that needs to be changed monthly? Some filter systems even require extra dedicated faucets or faucet heads. Others come up and stick out on the surface so that the first thing any visitor sees in the kitchen is the containers belonging to the filtering system.

I had a question whether there is a simple to install, simple to use, invisible, fool proof and long enough lasting system that can be installed literally everywhere. Indeed, I found a couple of such. And for a very friendly price, too.

Filtrete Under-Sink Advanced Water Filtration System (3US-PS01)

Filtrete advanced under sink water filter systemThis system helps us enjoy cleaner, better tasting, and with that, much healthier water.

Installation is easy and can be done under 3o minutes following the supplied instructions. It is also quite self-explanatory, and those having some experience with plumbing works may not need any instructions at all.

Filtrete Advanced comes under the sink, so it won’t be visible. I would assume that you’re longing for just this type of a filter.

Not only will this filter eliminate odor and presence of germs, it also stops larger particles from appearing into your glass of drinking water. It will catch sand, rust and other sediments.

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