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When we think of a cast iron farmhouse sink or apron sink, we cannot escape the word Kohler. Kohler Whitehaven is a big name when it comes to cast iron sinks and farmhouse sinks in particular.

Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink Kohler K-6489

The sink in the picture is Kohler K-6489 enameled cast iron farmhouse sink. It is available in 18 finishes ranging from black to white including grayscale tones and lively colors, too.

Kohler K-6489 is an impressive and very popular minimalistic single bowl sink. it has an elegant look that will decorate any kitchen.  It’s bottom is designed at a 2 degrees slope towards the drain that makes the cleaning very easy and usage simple. It is also silent. Cast iron absorbs the sound of falling water much better than other materials.

But there are a number of Kohler Whitehaven single bowl kitchen sinks that may look quite the same at the first glance. Those are K-6487, K-6488 and K-6489 model numbers, so to keep track of what is what.

What’s The Difference Between Kohler Whitehaven Single Sink Models

Here you can see all Whitehaven single sink models side by side:

KOHLER K-6487 Whitehaven


KOHLER K-6488 Whitehaven


KOHLER K-6489 Whitehaven


The table below shows the differences between the three Kohler cast iron farm sinks. They differ by width and apron height. So K-6487 will take up the least space of your kitchen. K-6488 will allow you to use higher cabinet door. But K-6489 is the biggest and, I think, the most beautiful of all.







29-11/16 inches

More details…



35-11/16 inches

More details…



35-11/16 inches

More details…

An interesting fact to know is that the price difference between these models is minimal. White finish, as a rule, comes with the lowest price. But if you choose some other color of the finish, you will have to count with much higher price. There are around 20 different colors available for each of these models.

Watch video about Kohler cast iron farmhouse sinks

Kohler K-6489 is a very popular model. It has only positive customer feedback from verified customers on Amazon.

Double Bowl Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink Kohler K-6426

This is an even more incredible sink, even though attracted less attention so far. It’s comparatively new type of sink which carries the old time sink savor and some modern improvements.

Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink Kohler K-6427

Here we have 2 models of cast iron farmhouse double sinks. Kohler K-6426 is the short apron version while Kohler K-6427 comes with tall apron. Both sinks have Smart Divide® solution for the divider between the compartments. That means that the divider is lower than the sink is deep. This small and smart trick helps you to feel more comfortable when you need to clean something really big like e.g. a cookie sheet.

Special Features In Cast Iron Apron Front Double Sinks

  • Shortened apron. It uncovers the space for the cabinet door and allows you to utilize more of the storage space under the sink.
  • Lowered divider between the bowls. This feature is called Smart Divide® technology. Owing this technology, you can use the sink as a single sink for large cookie sheets and similar items. Meanwhile you still have the streamlined convenience of a double sink.
  • Button sloping 2 degrees towards the drain. This

Difference Between Tall And Short Aprons

The difference between tall and short apron height is 2 2/16 inches. Short apron height is 6 11/16.  Tall apron height is 8 13/16.

I like the tall apron. The sink looks confidence inspiring. On the other hand, the shorter apron will help if you want freer access to the under sink storage.

Look And Feel

Cast iron farmhouse sinks is the type of sink we would recommend to the homeowners who love robust long lasting things in their homes. But the enameled cast iron gives the sink also a look of an elegant high end object. This way, the cast iron kitchen sinks will suit also the most refined taste.

For Whom We Don’t Recommend Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks

1. Not suitable and not even needed for tight budget. Cast iron nowadays comes with the air of luxury. Its price is quite high. So this type of sink may not suite a tight family budget. But there is no strain either. There are a lot of high quality stainless steel sinks and granite sinks. They may not be quite as robust or easy to care for but most of them will serve you very well for many years. A good quality stainless steel sink is a good investment too. But if you are in farmhouse or apron sinks so very much, then you can find some very decent models made of stainless steel sheets.

2. If the cabinetry is too delicate. These heavy cast iron sinks require a sturdy cabinetry. A sink of 104 pounds won’t stand confidently on something fragile. You may need to purchase a new cabinet to accommodate the sink if you really can’t get rid of the idea of a cast iron sink. But if your existing cabinets are of high value, then a lighter weight sink should be chosen.

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