Apr 192011

Danze Parma pre-rinse faucet that can instantly refresh the look of your kitchenDanze Parma single handle pre-rinse kitchen faucet is a modern looking single hole mount kitchen faucet. It features ceramic valve for drip-free performance and works in two modes – aerated stream and spray.

Cylindrical shapes and their intersections dominate in Parma faucet collection. The handle, valve, base and stand are all cylindrical, and the tasteful combination of these simple elements give the faucet an elegant overall appearance. On the other hand, its simple minimalistic look will be pleasing even the most demanding eye.

Being modern is actually the main trump of this faucet. It looks even a bit ultra and is a high demand item, especially among those who fancy a little extreme features in the design of their home.

The spring hose pulls back to place when you have finished the work. It is a little more difficult to clean than a faucet with smooth flowing lines, but not too hard either. The spring allows to maneuver the nozzle so that the stream reaches all the corners of the sink.

Just be aware that the nozzle is made of plastic, and that can be a minor disappointment. But the nozzles of all the pull-down faucets are made of plastic out of two main concerts – not to burn hands as metal can get extremely hot, and that of much heavier weight.


  • Easy installation that requires only one hole
  • Modern looking and beautiful
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to maneuver the stream
  • Returns back to the place when work is finished
  • Gives the whole kitchen a fresher look
  • Suitable for contemporary style kitchens


  • Cleaning takes more than just a stroke with a wiping cloth
  • May not suite a featured kitchen style

Danze Parma single handle pre-rinse faucet is a beautiful and functional kitchen sink faucet which instantly refreshes the overall look of the kitchen.

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