May 122011

Shape Of Delta Addison Is Inspired By Scallop Shells

Delta Addison Touch Free Bathroom Faucet With Dual Sensory ActivationThe shape of Delta Addison touch free lavatory faucet is again ocean inspired. The curvy lines resemble those of scallop shells. When you have this faucet in your bathroom, it gives the whole room slightly different image. It makes me think of ocean waves washing a rocky beach, and that nature element in the finish of the faucet works comfortingly when there is a little too much strain accumulated during the workday.

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Twofold Activation

Addison touch free faucet features twofold activation convenience thus being a real faucet of 21st century. While the part of activating with a touch has spread fast over the past few years, not many homes have a faucet that you can activate just by approaching it within the reach of 4 inches. And with a touch too, it can be switched on and off.

Works Well Even When The Batteries Are Out

Both the presence and touch sensitivity is being achieved with an electronic device which is powered with a set of 4 double A size batteries. Delta claims that they will hold around two years. When it’s time to change, the led indicator at the root of the faucet body will start blinking.

But don’t worry – even when the batteries are dead, it is still possible to use the faucet operating it manually with the handle. Be careful though not to attempt running the electronics from the mains. It can damage the faucet and void the warranty.

Find Out More

There is another model of a touch free bathroom faucet by Delta, and that’s the Lahara. You might be interested in learning a little more about Delta Lahara bathroom faucet. But I can tell you right away that the only tangible difference between the two models is just their shape.

Find out more details about Delta Addison faucets and their Touch2O.xt™ technology at Delta site.

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