Apr 172013

“I have had my Delta Addison touch kitchen faucet installed for over eight months and it always works perfectly. I ordered on line and was very impressed when I opened the box … Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without this touch faucet technology!”

Delta Addison Kitchen Faucet

Strengths of the Addison faucet: magnetic spray wand docking, one handle operation, reliable touch functionality, spray to stream control located on the spray wand, beautiful scallop shell inspired design

Weaknesses of the Addison faucet: no water-off control on the wand, needs plenty of space above the sink

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Diamond Coated Valves in Addison

The touch sensitive kitchen faucet from Delta Addison collection is one of the most popular kitchen faucet models. This faucet is made to impress and last. With the even so durable ceramic valves, the manufacturer has gone even one more step forward securing for the faucets an extra tight seal and longevity using diamond coating on the valves. Diamond is the hardest substance known so far by mankind. So the thin layer is very difficult to wear out. Actually this valve technology is prepared for several million on and off cycles.

Diamond™ Seal technology, which is the name how it is called, is responsible for the easy installation. A lot of things come pre-assembled.

Also from the point of view of healthiness, these faucets have an advantage. The contact of the water with potentially contaminating metals is completely eliminated inside the faucet. So you can expect also cleaner and healthier water from your kitchen faucet.

Watch this video by Delta Faucets. It will give you an idea about the functionality that Addison faucets have. You will have also a better idea what this kitchen faucet looks like.

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Conclusion About The Addison Faucet And Its Touch Sensitivity

Whenever the space allows, this high neck faucet will bring noticeable enhancements to nearly any kind of kitchen. It needs to be coordinated with the decor but is flexible enough to mesh with most of them.

It is not among the cheapest models but, if ordering online, you can get massive discounts and great customer service.

Where To Look For The Best Price

Nowadays, it is no longer true that the manufacturer’s price is the best, and that it is always good to look for the deals on the manufacturer’s sites. In fact, it can be a lot more expensive to buy directly from the manufacturer. The specialization plays a huge role here. The retailers have a lot more trained sales staff and more targeted facilities. So they can offer much lower prices.

The online retailer with the greatest deals in average is still Amazon.Com. I searched near and far but did not find a better price on Delta Addison touch faucets anywhere else.

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Only be aware that prices fluctuate quite a lot, and yours is the deal as you catch it. I’ve seen people getting funny and asking to pay them the difference if they see a lower price on their product some day. What I can say is that not only on this very Addison faucet but also on thousands of other things you can get some, even unexpectedly, low prices. I cannot promise that the price you get today is the lowest ever, but it can still be much lower than anywhere else.

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