Apr 222011

A powerful magnet pulls the Delta Allora kitchen faucet spray head right in place after the use. That is the Delta patented Magnatite™ technology at work. The nozzle sits snugly in its place when not being used.

The pull-out faucets of the sculpture-like Allora collection resemble an industrial tool when the nozzle is pulled out to its 24” reach to wash and clean. But when the work is done, it’s a sculpture again. With an elegant click, it goes into its dock at the end of the spout.

The Magnatite™ technology has come to replace the widespread one with the weight attached to the spray head hose somewhere longer in under the sink. It works well too as long as you secure free space for the weight to move up and down. Sometimes it is not easy though since there are also other hoses and wires sharing the space with the pull-out hose. With a small portion of technical ingenuity, it is possible to fix though. Yet only Magnatite™ gives that complete sense of a finished action when you see the spray head slide in and re-assume its place.

Watch the video here to see how this technology works:

Other Delta pull-down faucets that feature this technology:

  • Delta Ashton
  • Delta Addison
  • Delta Pilar
  • Delta Talbott
  • Delta Victorian
  • Delta Leland
  • Delta Arabella
  • Delta Savile
  • Delta Trinsic (on its way)

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