Apr 302011

The Non Touch Sensitive Is A Good Faucet Too

When you read about Delta Ashton kitchen faucets, pay attention to the model numbers. They are 19922 and 19922T. The „T” in the end of the number means that this model is Touch Sensitive and uses the famous Delta Touch2O® technology.

The regular model is available at much lower price, and its structure is a lot simpler since its touch sensitive counterpart has touch sensors that cover all of its body so that you can activate the water flow just with touch of a finger or any other part of your arm. Use your elbow if you like.

Common Features Of The Two Faucet Models

Your satisfaction may be full also with the nonsensitive faucet since it is equally reliable, durable and nearly as easy to use. You operate it with the handle and manipulate the flow and temperature. The pull-out spray head allows you to reach all the remote corners in the sink with a direct stream that makes the cleaning really easy. Diamond™Seal technology implemented in these faucets give them a long and leak proof life. A thin layer of diamond that covers the surface of the ceramic valve disc extends the life of faucet about 10 times.

Also the touch sensitive faucet has the same characteristics. The difference is only in the ease of operation. This version allows you to avoid touching the handle with messy hands since the flow can be activated with any part of your body. First you use the handle for adjusting the temperature and flow, and then just toggle the water on and off with a single touch to any part of the faucet or its handle.

Where To Find Delta Ashton Faucets At Discount Price

Both models can be found on Amazon store at a nice discount price. Here you can also read the users’ feedback that is helpful if you want to learn more about the Delta Ashton faucets.

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