May 112011

Delta Faucet Lahara, Touch Free, Bathroom Faucet

The new Delta Lahara Bathroom faucet is an advanced faucet from Delta faucets Lahara series bathroom faucets. With both touch-free and touch sensitive technology, it is now available at Amazon.

Useful Facts About Delta Faucets Lahara Touch Free Bathroom Faucet

But if you feel you have not heard enough about this advanced, high technology packed touch-free faucet, here are a few interesting, and, I hope, useful details.

  • Lahara faucet features both Touch2O™ and Touch2O.xt™ technologies which means that the faucet can be activated with a touch or with just moving close to it.
  • Water stream gets activated by the presence of your hand within 4 inches from the faucet.
  • Activates also with a touch. A touch from the point of view of the Delta faucets with Touch2O™ means a contact shorter than 300 miliseconds with your hand or any other part of your body. A longer contact is classified a „grip”, and does not activate or switch off the flow of the water.
  • The Touch2O.tx™ system is powered by 4 AA size batteries. They hold about 2 years. The system cannot be powered from the mains outlet. When the batteries are out, you can still use the faucet operating it manually with the handle.

Where You Can Learn More

Feeling like you want one for your bathroom? Then check whether this Amazon discount offer could be something for you?

On Delta website, you can find more details about Delta faucets Lahara touch-free bathroom faucet model.

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