May 202011

Spray heads of Delta faucets with Magnatite™ technology sit snugly in their spout dock due to a strong magnet built in the wand.

This video will show you how it works:

The faucet featured in this video is Delta Allora kitchen faucet with pull-down spray head. The shape of this Delta faucet draws inspiration from a watering can. From here the flat top of the handle and the edge rings both on the base of the faucet and the handle. Allora faucet along with all the other newer models of Delta kitchen faucets features the life long leak-proof feature with the valve discs reinforced with a thin layer of diamond. It makes the ceramic valve up to 10 times more durable than the industry standard.

Apart of that, the faucets using Diamond™Seal are extremely easy to install. Everything is, in fact, pre-assembled out of the box. So there is no need to hire a plumber. Everyone who knows how to thread on a screw nut will be able to accomplish the installation.

Here you can watch a video how to install a Delta faucet with Diamond™Seal technology.

Among other Delta faucets featuring these advanced technologies Ashton and Savile can be named.

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