Oct 222012

For many things are Delta kitchen faucets famous, but the most praised feature is definitely the magnetic spray wand docking system called MagnaTite®. The harmony reached by the sculptural nature inspired design coupled with useful technological solutions get crowned with the elegant click that the wand gives returning to its place thus announcing its being firmly in the dock.

Delta kitchen faucets on Amazon (sorted by popularity)

The most popular Delta kitchen faucet models are the pull-down ones with single handle operation. Here you have some great examples:

Delta kitchen faucets on Amazon (sorted by popularity)

The three famous Delta Faucets brands are Delta, Brizo and Peerless.

Delta Kitchen Faucets Mainstream

Delta is the mainstream brand. They make a lot of great faucets that look and work as if they were much more expensive models. The kitchen faucets belonging here are the most popular ones due to the reasonable balance of the price and the value they provide. They are designed to blend with most kitchen decors and earn a lot of compliments from the visitors. They offer vast variety of shapes and configurations. Delta mainstream kitchen faucets often belong to a collection of coordinating items. The collections allow you to equip the house with matching style items.

Delta kitchen faucets on Amazon (sorted by popularity)

Brizo Kitchen Faucets – High-End Delta Faucets

Brizo is the high-end Delta faucet line. Functionally, they are quite similar to the great mainstream models. What sets them apart is their distinct design, a real work of art for each Brizo faucet model. Brizo faucets come in incredible shapes and, if the regular models are eye-catching, the Brizo faucets are even double so.

Brizo kitchen faucets on Amazon (sorted by popularity)

Peerless is the simplest and most budget minded faucet line. They look nice and work well but offer less functionality than other Delta kitchen faucets.

Peerless kitchen faucets on Amazon (sorted by popularity)

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