Sep 232012

Modern Bathroom With Delta Vero Fixtures

Delta Vero is a minimalistic collection that gives a high-end look to your bathroom with its strict rectangular lines in its design.

Delta T17253-SS Vero Monitor 17 Series Shower Trim

With the Vero collection, you can easily  get a tasteful and fully coordinated interior.

One of the popular items from this collection is Delta Vero shower trim with Raincan shower-head. It uses Monitor® technology valve (needs to be ordered separately) to control the temperature fluctuations keeping the temperature in the save +/- 3 degrees by Fahrenheit.

Water falling vertically without drizzling to sides and the temperature monitoring via the Delta valve provides comfort and beauty.

From Amazon customer feedback on Delta Vero shower trim:

“My husband just took the first shower and loves it. He said that it feels like it is raining on him…”

” The look of it is magnificent.”

“Super great shower head.”

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