Dec 292013

The first thing that comes in mind speaking of cast iron kitchen sinks is Kohler K-6487-0 Whitehaven.

Kohler K-6487-0 Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink With Shortened Apron

This Kohler sink is unbelievable; Kohler really thought through the design and usage! – says user Julia in a review on Amazon website.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Kohler K-6487-0 Whitehaven Thunder Gray

Kohler K-6487-o Whitehaven is an apron sink or farmhouse type of sink with shortened apron side. This enameled cast iron kitchen sink is available in 18 colors, from which White comes with the lowest price.

You can’t find even anything negative said about this sink. The material is top quality, very durable and the design is well thought through.

This Whitehaven cast iron kitchen sink is easily retrofittable to existing cabinets. It can be used as a self trimming drop in sink or as a convenient undercounter one.

Just be aware of the weight of Kohler K-6487-0 Whitehaven! Being a cast iron product, its weight is 122 lbs. You may need some help to move it around or when you’ll be fitting it in its place. Check details>>> 

But here comes another very similar sink that gives you the same beauty but additional functionality.

KOHLER K-6426-0 Whitehaven Double Bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink With Shortened Apron And Lowered Divider

I stumbled upon this outstanding cast iron sink the other day, and I could not believe something so well thought through and designed even existed. This is what any kitchen would benefit from. Elegance combined with functionality can bring real enhancement to nearly any kitchen.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink KOHLER K-6426-0 Whitehaven Double BowlKOHLER K-6426 Whitehaven is a cast iron farmhouse or apron sink. K-6426-0 features a shortened apron side for lighter weight and added elegance. One bowl is lager than the other, but none of them is so small that it would impair the functionality.

Best of all, for even better experience, the divider is made lower than the sink is deep. It allows you to use it as a single large sink when you need to put large items into it. Even large cookie sheets will be easy to clean in this sink. But when you need the convenience of a double sink, like for keeping your fragile china apart from rougher stuff, then you have it.

Kohler K-6426 is available in 18 colors from which white comes with the lowest price.

Check details >>>

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