May 292011

Direct The Stream Right Where You Need

Release the wand of a pull-down kitchen faucet, and it will find its way back to the starting point and greet you with an elegant click when it returns to its snug seat in the dock at the end of the spout. Was it long since you used your palm or dishcloth to direct water to the pan you were washing? Now you just take the nozzle and direct the stream to the bull’s eye of your choice.

It’s simple and it’s great. Why didn’t this idea occur to me along with the electric light bulb and internal combustion engine? It does not take much to get a hose through the spout of the faucet, does it? But what is achieved can be seen right there and right away. There are things that work, and the pull down faucets belong to this category by all means.

Reach Beyond The Sink

But if you take a closer look, the simplicity needs to get sophisticated at times in order to stay simple. Do you think the hose is running there supported by the air or the inner walls of the spout? Not at all. The hose runs through practically frictionless, specially constructed bearings that are installed inside of the spout. It makes the movement of the hose smooth and natural.

The possibility of pulling out the spray head offers us flexibility that has never been available in the stand-still faucets. Now you have the big watering can on the floor or the biggest pot on the counter. Remember the era when a mug was used to convey the portions of water until they were filled? But what we do now with our pull-down functionality in the kitchen faucets? We just pull the wand and pour the water right where we want it.

Precise Docking

And listen, what do you hear when the spray head drives into its place in the dock? Right, that’s that click. We all know that there is a metal weight that strains the hose and pulls it back. It is somewhere there in the cabinet under the sink. But the clicking sound gives us impression of much more precise action than what can possibly be achieved by the weight. And that’s true. There is more to that.

Among pull-down faucets, we can find those with embedded magnets in the spray wand. The precise click-in-place is due to them. We can, of course, live without them and still use the full functionality, and the spray head would be sitting snugly even so. However, the use of the magnets gives the pleasant final touch and reassurance that the spray head is not going to slide out by hair’s breadth and make the look somewhat questionable. This technology takes care that everything sits exactly where it has to.

Space For Imagination

So we no longer use the cloth to chase the coffee grounds to the drain. We just pull the faucet head out and wash them away with the stream. We take the wand and fill the pot on the counter top or the watering can on the floor. And when we feel we are running short of ideas what else we could do with our new pull-down kitchen faucet, we may turn the wand up so that it forms for us a fountain and take a refreshing drink.

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