May 102011

Installation Of Delta Ashton Faucet

The installation is no different from other Delta pull-out faucets.  It is made easy and requires very little skill. As a matter of fact, anyone who has ever succeeded to screw on a nut on a bolt can do the installation with confidence.

>>Watch a video here<<

When you unpack the faucet, you will find that the assembly is as obvious as can be. The most difficult thing is probably getting used to the idea that no water is being sent directly into the spout. Instead, it comes back down after being „processed” in the valve. I mean, after the right proportion of warm and cold water is achieved in the valve, the water continues its way, and in the pull-out faucets, it is down into the shorter hose. So the end of that shorter hose needs to be connected to the hose that runs into the spout. It is done by joining the ends and putting around the connection a special clip. While doing that, you must not forget to put the metal weight on the pull-out hose.

There are only these steps:

  1. Put the pull-out hose through the spout and the base
  2. Join the spout and the base by working the spout on until it clicks on the place
  3. Put all the hoses through the hole in the counter-top or the sink and put the faucet on its place
  4. Put the supplied montage bracket around the faucet root so that the hoses stay inside and screw it fast with the supplied nut so that the faucet stays fixed in its position.
  5. Connect the pull-out hose to the faucet outlet (the shorter hose coming out from the bottom of the faucet) and reinforce the connection with the special clip.
  6. Connect the warm and cold water hoses to the corresponding water supplies.

That’s it. Your faucet is now ready to use. Did it seem like you would have better paid a plumber to do this for you?

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  1. SOOOO mad there is no help if you need to use the cover for the extra holes!!!!!!

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