Jan 262013

Vegetable sprayer, handspray, sidespray and a few other words are made in an attempt to describe the same thing. It is namely a kitchen faucet with a sprayer that sits in a separate hole on your kitchen sink or counter top. You normally set the desired temperature and pressure with the faucet handle(s), and then operate the sprayer with the controls located on its body.

Why would anyone nowadays choose a kitchen faucet with sprayer instead of having a nice pull-down or pull-out kitchen faucets, so modern and so popular? There are still a number of reasons when a faucet with sprayer is preferred.

The most serious is perhaps the one of having not enough space available for a pull-down faucet height. In the place where you plan to install the faucet, there can be a sloping roof, window-sill, shelf, cabinet or any other thing that is difficult to move out of the way.

Some other reasons can be a need to utilize an extra hole in the counter top or sink, fear that the docking of the sprayer in a pull-down faucet can come loose as the time goes or simply nostalgia. The tastes differ, and we need to admit that there are still some really nice and service oriented kitchen faucet models that come with the detached sprayer.

A model deserving attention is by all means Moen Level.

Moen 7106CSL Level High Arc Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer, Classic Stainless

Moen 7106CSL Level One-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet, Classic   StainlessThe good:

  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Single handle operation
  • Convenient spray

To be aware of:

  • Some find the installation instructions difficult to follow

The stainless finish looks lightly brushed and gives the faucet a warm metallic look. With its clean geometric lines, this faucet will blend seamlessly with nearly any kitchen decor. The homeowners have given this faucet a lot of praise. Nearly no downsides mentioned.

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