Jan 142014

Kohler 6489 Farmhouse Sink Cast IronKohler K-6489 is the largest and, to my mind, the most beautiful cast iron sink from Kohler Whitehaven collection.

Special Features of Kohler K-6489 Whitehaven Sink

  • Can be used both as self-trimming and as undermount
  • Drain placed at one side frees up storage space under the sink
  • Very solid
  • Made to last for generations
  • Bottom sloping smartly towards the drain
  • Does not require any special care
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful, after all

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This sink is made from cast iron. Cast iron is a material that is melted at 3.5K degrees temperature. When this burning hot mass consolidates, it forms one of the most durable materials that kitchen sinks can be made of.

These sinks are guaranteed not to crack or scratch when something heavy falls into them. It might be a pan thrown more carelessly than usual into the sink. But that’s OK! No damage done to the sink. That’s what cast iron means as a material.

Other Kohler Whitehaven Sink Models

There are a few more Whitehaven sink models. A narrower model K-6487 is available, too. It is only 30 inches wide while our Kohler K-6489 is a 36 inch sink. Another model, K-6488 is the same width and length as K-6489. The only difference is that K-6488 comes with shortened apron. This makes the cabinetry under the sink easier available, and the sink visually appears somewhat smaller.

Timeless and modern – these two adjectives go together for Kohler Whitehaven sinks. They are made to enhance nearly any type of kitchen, and they are build to last for generations.

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