Apr 272011

Kohler Stages Sink Is For Serious Home Cooks

Kohler Stages 33 Inch Sink for serious home cooksKohler Stages Sink of 33 inches is a hard working sink that supports all the jobs from preparation to cleaning. It is made from 16-gauge stainless steel, mounts under the counter and ships with the installation tools.

This sink comes from the Kohler Chef Inspired Collection and is designed in partnership with professional chefs, especially for heavy home cooking, and will please people who are serious cooks at their homes.

Bowl For Pans, Platform For Work, And Beautiful

The bowl is large enough for the largest and deepest pots and pans to find place and be washed with as much comfort as possible. The stepped side area provides workspace for preparation and cleaning so that these activities can be safely moved away from the countertop and done in much cleaner and safer way directly in the sink, after which the platform can be washed conveniently.

Being not only a good worker with various aspects of practical use but also a beautiful kitchen accessory, it contributes a lot to the overall kitchen design and elicits compliments from those who come and find it there.

American Walnut Cutting Board And Many Other Things Included

A huge cutting board made from American Walnut, 6 bowls, bottom basin rack, flip tray, utensil tray and accessory storage rack are included with the sink.

The six bowls have a convenient configuration for the cooking preparation tasks. They too have two sides like the sink has. The deep side is for the stuff that we normally take in larger amounts like flour or mash. The shallow side is for garnishes and spices.

The tray can be used as a serving tray or used as a cutting board when flipped over.

Easy To Store The Accessories And Clean

When everything is done and washed up, we can store all the items in the storage rack which attaches easily to the underside of the sink and finds its place in the sink cabinet.

Then we can wipe the Kohler Stages Sink with a piece of a soft cloth and have it impeccably clean.

  2 Responses to “Kohler Stages Sink – Professional Chef Inspired For Heavy Home Cooking”

  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in the Kohler K3761 Stages 45-inch under mount kitchen sink.
    I live in Belgium, Europe. Can you tell me where I can see the sink and where I can buy it?
    Thanks a lot if you can help me.
    Maria Vandebroek

    • @Maria Vandebroek:
      I’m impressed by your determination. Kohler Stages sinks, whether 33 or 45 inch version, are, to my mind, the most functional type of kitchen sinks. The challenge about them is that the are built and distributed mainly in the USA, and they are hardly available in Europe.

      The best workaround I can think of is using a delivery service like Parcel Zoom.

      You can order the sink from Amazon.Com, get it shipped to the US address given to you by Parcel Zoom, and, from there, sent to your Belgium address.

      The service may not be too cheap, and customs duties may apply.

      But if you, despite all the challenges, can get this sink installed in your kitchen, I’m more than sure that the result will be gratifying.

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