May 042011

What Are Those Stages?

My first reaction was: „Goodness, it’s gigantic! Much too large! Now the sink alone will take up half the kitchen! Who can afford that!”

But when the emotion settled, I began to see a little from the other side, too. Stages, what on earth do they mean in a sink? But, yeah, there are stages.

If you just assume that the bottom is the first „stage”, you get pretty much of the clue. Now you can just move upwards and find also the others. But let’s not speed it and take all the things step by step.

Move Messy Washing To The Bottom Rack

So the first stage is the very bottom. It is built with an inclination towards the drain so that the water from everywhere in the sink flows towards it.

Right on this inclined bottom, place a rack on which you can put the things you are washing. The rack separates them from what is being washed off. All the dirt falls through the rack and is washed directly towards the drain. So any washing, however messy, can be done right on the rack without filling the bowl and changing the water several times.

Do you begin to get it together? The stages sink allows us to move all the messy jobs to be done right inside the sink. No more soiled countertops or table surfaces. The sink in fact allows you much more space, it saves your time for cleaning. Everything is now being done in one place and no other cleaning is ever needed. Just rinse everything right with the faucet, and it’s clean!

Move Preps To The Sink Too

The next stage is a shelf-like elevated platform, which again has a tiny inclination towards the bowl. All the water you pour over it, runs down to the bowl and drain directly. So you can use the shelf for messy jobs like peeling fish or cleaning chicken. When you are ready, just wash the „shelf” with the water stream from the faucet. Aah, do you still remember what a cleaning effort it took when we were still doing these things on the countertop?

On the „shelf”, we dry kitchenware when the job is done and everything has been cleaned up with so much ease. We can dry things right in the sink. Can you believe it?

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