May 092011

Changes Arrrive With Kohler Stages Sink

Kohler Stages sink brings changes to your kitchenWith Kohler Stages Sink, changes are on the way to your house. But be careful what you sign up for. If your main source of true satisfaction is the time and effort you give to cooking and wash-up, then this sink can deprive you of what is so meaningful in your life. There will be much less space left for manifestation of your own skill and speed. The sink is designed the way that a large part of your own input becomes obsolete.

So what you may be missing after installing the Stages sink? First of all, it’s the manipulations with the preps on the counter-top and cleaning it afterwards. The stages sink is constructed the way that all the preps can be done right inside the sink, or rather, on the sink.

The cutting board fits exactly the width of the sink and is supported on a narrow boarder that goes on the inside along the front and hind walls of the sink. This might be called the first stage.

Messy Preps Made Easy

The placement of the cutting board over the sink allows you to slide all the bits right into the bowls. They can be put close to the board on the same level so that you don’t have to lift anything. Just slide everything from the board directly into the bowl, and if something misses the bowl, it does not come on the counter-top or to the floor. It falls, guess where? Yeah, that’s right – into the sink.

From here, you can see right away that these two things may be gone forever – rubbing the counter-top and cleaning the bits up from the floor.

Less Cleaning

Notice that all the messy works can now be done inside the sink on a special shelf which is another „stage” of the sink. You can scale fish, clean chicken or do some similar things on that shelf. When you are ready, just wash everything down into the sink, from where the water will drain soon, and you will be able to decide what to do with that hard stuff. It will be easily controllable since all the rubbish will be gathered in one place – the bowl of the sink. It is easily removable from there. Provided the sewerage allows, you may wash them all directly into the drain.

One more thing that brings a change – the configuration of the sink allows you to dry kitchenware right on its shelf or on the rack supplied with the sink. This again saves the time for lifting the items out of the sink, drying them and finding a place to store. Here we go like this: we finish the work, wash them off and leave right there to dry. All the drops come down either on the shelf from which they continue their way down to the bowl and the drain, or from the rack directly into the bowl. The physical exercise moving the items from one place to another will thus become useless, and so you may lose your daily portion of training.

This article has been written, of course, with a good portion of humor. But, as the saying goes, there is a portion of joke in any joke. In other words, most jokes have something serious within them.

Beyond Joking

The serious part of my story would sound like this: the Kohler Stages sink is a highly efficient kitchen sink designed by a team of engineers and professional chefs for serious home cooking. Due to the smart solutions it features, it is called by some „the genius sink” or „the hard working sink”. When this sink is installed in a kitchen, it gives the impression as if it were working for you because all the messy things appear much more organized and time saving.

So don’t ever even turn your sight towards the stages sink if you value your kitchen chores because their number will be dramatically reduced. But if you are one of those who would appreciate the easy way in the kitchen, just get Kohler Stages sink installed, then dip your hands in it and stay there a while to reflect on what you will be doing with the time saved on your kitchen chores.

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