Dec 172012

There is a sink worth attention when looking for a double sink with great value for the price. This can certainly be Kraus KBU22 double bowl 16 gauge sink.

“Excellent purchase on this sink, great quality, price and very comfortable depth and space…”

Kraus KBU22 Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl 16 gauge Kitchen Sink
Strengths: 16 gauge, solidly made, quiet, deep, beautiful
Weaknesses: Not reported

Kraus KBU22 16 gauge double bowl kitchen sink

Kraus 16 gauge double bowl kitchen sink KBU22 comes with commercial grade premium satin finish which makes this sink scratch resistant. It is not completely scratch proof though. You can still scratch it if you try. That’s why it is recommended to use the bottom grids that keep the pots out of the direct contact with the sink.

For the price at which Kraus KBU22 sink is available you can normally get only 18 gauge sinks. They are thinner and more likely of developing dents, and they are louder too.

Accessories shipped with the sink

Double sink Kraus KBU22 is shipped with a pair of stainless steel bottom grids with protective feet and bumpers. Normally they need to be ordered separately but here they are included.

Also the strainers and a dish towel are included in the package. Kraus sinks come in a canvas bag that can be re-used for other purposes.

One of the strainers is a unique basket strainer. It accumulates larger particles not allowing them down the drain. The “basket” can then be taken out and cleaned.

Cutout template is supplied with the sink. With this template, it is easy to measure the size and shape of the cutout.

Watch video about Kraus sinks

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