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Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With MotionsenseWhat Users Say About Arbor Motionsense


1. Innovative and reliable with a lot of proof of user satisfaction

2. Great for young children

3. Great for aged people

4. Power from AC adapter (with the option to use 6 AA batteries)

5. Pull-down function with stop button on the sprayer

6. Ergonomic sprayer

“This is one of those things that just makes life easier,” says S.Kennedy from Arizona after having used Moen Arbor Motionsense faucet for 2 months.

“Wave your hand above the top arc of the faucet and the water is turned on, wave your hand again, it goes off. It really is that simple and it works regardless of the lighting in the room,” says Rick Sumrall.

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At the time of writing this article, Arbor Motionsense has nearly full 5 star rating from 96 users. There are also a lot of useful comments on website. Most of them are flattering indeed even though there are a few customers who have been dissatisfied with the quality.

One family has even had an unfortunate situation with the proximity sensors. After a few weeks, they just stopped working. And they say that they haven’t been treated very well by the customer support even though the vast majority are praising customer service at Moen.

Does Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Justify The Price?

So what we can conclude from here? Should we rely on Motionsense or steer clear from this not that cheap at all faucet?

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Well, in all products and brands there happen individual items that fail to work as expected. But for that, there is the customer service and manufacturer’s warranty. So that should not be a big worry even if the particular faucet fails. Life is always life with its challenges and unexpected situations. There is not a single thing that you can rely on for one hundred per cent.

Motionsense faucets are stable, reliable, convenient in use and safe. But what may happen now and then, nobody knows. And you won’t know that before you try. But you have much more good grounds to trust this faucet than any other. It’s popularity among the Amazon customers is a significant indication.

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Ranks Among Bestsellers

Motionsense faucet has secured its place among the top 10 best selling faucets on Amazon marketplace. The lightning speed with which it has conquered those heights makes me believe that before long it may climb to the top and stay there until something equally impressive happens again in the kitchen faucet industry.

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Who Would Benefit Most From Arbor Motionsense

First of all FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. The touchless functionality will allow them to learn quicker to use the faucet on their own. They will also leave the water on much less often since it is so easy to turn it off.

OLDER PEOPLE whose may experience difficulties to manipulate the handle in the right position. With this faucet, they can have the handle preset. All they need is just move their hands under the faucet, and the water starts flowing. It’s convenient, and very helpful for people in their old age.

Also people who often do HEAVY COOKING and home, wash e.g. fish or vegetables. They will be able to get the water right when they need and how they need.

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Who Would Not Benefit From This Faucet

It is difficult to answer all at once who are those for whom this sophisticated kitchen fixture would not be too suitable. Yet the life is so multicolored that there will be also a number of those situations.

Perhaps very conservative people who have it difficult to embrace something new all at once may hate this faucet. But I think also that they would soon accept it if they are given some time and possibility to try it out.

A number of indirect aspects might matter. This faucet may not be suitable if there is too low space available above the countertop. The faucet is high, and you need to be aware of the space it reqires if you plan to install one.

Pause The Water Flow With A Button On The Sprayer

The pause function that is not present in many similar class faucets, is a tradition of Moen. Most, if not to say all, Moen faucets have the possibility to hold the stream with the sprayer button. This functionality is especially useful if you need to pull the sprayer outside the sink like for filling a pail on the floor.

It is also much more elegant to move the sprayer from one bowl of the sink to the other if you have a double sink. It saves a lot of time in a longer run that consists only of those seconds that you spend reaching for the handle. If you try to move the sprayer over the edge of the sink without stopping the water, it may turn out to be quite messy.

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Sprayer Retracts Completely From Whatever Distance

Another great feature that Moen Faucets have been taking pride in is the ability of the pull-down mechanism to retract the whole way back to the spout dock from whatever distance it may have been pulled out. It is being achieved with help of extremely well balanced weights, smooth sliding through the spout and high precision dock.

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Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With Motionsense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, Spot Resist Stainless

Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet With Motionsense

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