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Tastes vary but there are popular kitchen faucets that a lot of people love, and their vote makes them more popular than others.

What an ideal kitchen faucet would be? If we take a look at what the most popular faucets are, we can easily build a mental picture of one. Maybe ideal may be too far fetched, but we can see what features people find useful, convenient, enjoyable in a kitchen faucet.

Features that most popular kitchen faucets have

1. Single handle operation

A single handle for adjusting both pressure and temperature was once a revolution in the faucet industry. Now it is part of our everyday. It is much more convenient than two handles, and there are few homeowners that want to return to double handles having once tried a single one.

The main benefit we get from a single handle faucet is the other hand free. But there are other good things too. Since no turning is involved, the adjustment can be done much faster with less effort.

To make it even better, there are handles with special features. Some make the movement especially light so that the operation can be done just by one finger. There is also the functionality available that helps the handle back to the off position thus simplifying the effort of finding it. In some faucets, it requires indeed some effort and getting used at first.

Popular Kitchen Faucets:

2. Pull-down/pull-out functionality

Faucets with detachable sprayer are getting increasingly popular. More and more homeowners having tried them once stick to them forever. The ease of reaching every corner of the sink with direct stream is spoiling. The possibility to reach beyond the sink and fill the pots is enabling. It saves time and even gives some fun to the kitchen life.

However, it is not the same how this function works in different faucets. Usually there is a button on the spray wand that toggles aerated stream to spray. Most pull-down/pull-out faucets have such. Meanwhile the momentary pause button is present on just a few. This is one thing to consider. You need to decide whether or not you need the water off function which in many cases is very welcome.

Another thing to pay attention to in connection with pull-down or pull-out faucets is the way the spray wand is secured in its place when not in use. There are faucets that use magnets, and they tend to be the most precise ones. The sprayer does not ever slide out or give the impression of less than perfect docking. There are also other methods, and this is a thing that would be good to know when you’re getting acquainted with a certain kitchen faucet.

The pull-down hoses in budget faucets will most likely be just plastic but one step higher than the cheapest there will often be metal braided hoses. The latter will give you much more confidence in the everyday use.

3. Leak proof sealing technology

The modern faucets don’t use rubber washers for sealing. Ceramic disc valves are used instead. Their surface is hard, seal is tight and they are extremely wear proof. Some companies reinforce the even so reliable surface with some even harder materials like diamond for example.

4. Tasteful design

The shape of the faucet is an important factor. The price depends largely on the shape. A good kitchen faucet needs to mesh in a way with what the overall look of the kitchen is. Most manufacturers try to find the right balance between the beauty and modesty. Too distinct shape may suit too little kitchens. So a faucet that would satisfy the needs of most homeowners needs to be modest the same time. The most popular models of the mainstream kitchen faucets suit most kitchen designs staying eye-catching the same time.

5. Clean surface

A good kitchen faucet will look clean even when there are actually hard water spots or fingerprints. They won’t be visible on a surface of a good faucet. The surfaces of most mainstream faucets are all more or less with this property. Some surfaces are coated with special materials that reduce the visibility of stains even more.

 Features that popular kitchen faucets often don’t have

Those kitchen faucets that stay at the top of the bestselling lists usually come without touch sensitivity or the non-sensitive versions are preferred.

Their shape is not too distinct or sophisticated, they are not ultra modern or explicitly traditional.

Even if their price is not too high, they are definitely not the budget end faucets.

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