Feb 272013

What do you think about the kitchen faucets with pull-down sprayer? Are they reliable enough in the kitchen?

Are there any downsides of having one in the kitchen?

What brands/models would you recommend?

I have found that the pull-down kitchen faucets are nowadays the top selling and most in demand kind of kitchen faucets. Especially popular are those with single handle operation. It’s quite obvious that that’s because of the ease in operation and comprehensive set of features.

These faucets do a great job to streamline all the events in the kitchen. They save time and energy to enable you to spend more time with your family or to practise a hobby. You can get the stream directed exactly where you need it, both when you are rinsing greens and cleaning up. You don’t need to use a cup for filling a large pot on the countertop or cooking surface. Now you can just take the sprayer and send the water right into the pot if only it is located somewhere close.

You don’t have to find an extension hose to fill a pail that’s sitting on the floor. Again, you can just pull the sprayer over the edge of the sink and get the water running with direct stream down into the pail. Just remember that for this function, faucet models that have a water-off control right on the sprayer will serve best. With them, you won’t have to even reach the handle. The hand that holds the sprayer holds also all the necessary controls.

The main downside might be the need for a clear space under the sink where the hose can move freely. You can’t have there bunches of cables or hoses, everything needs to be very well organized. If there is an obstruction that hinders the movement of the hose, the faucet loses its value dramatically. The main problem will be the sprayer sliding out from its dock in the spout. You may have also difficulties to pull the hose out because it can be caught into tangles. As you know, it will work by Murphy’s Law. The minute you need the function most, it will refuse to work. So take care not to cram the place under the sink with stuff that should not be there.

Are there any more downsides? The price perhaps? The pull-down faucets are, as a rule, more expensive than the plain models. If you are on a budget, this news may not be too encouraging. Nevertheless, this faucet will be there for some time. What if it’s worth stretching a little?

If you have young kids that love to play war games, they will have much more opportunity to spray each other by using this faucet as a cannon. By their configuration, some faucets can trigger boys’ imagination towards Johnny Depp style adventures with all the consequences for the kitchen floor and walls. With an ordinary faucet, they would have much less opportunity for playing games in this manner.

Let’s take some examples now. Moen Brantford is one of our favorites. It is a high arch gooseneck faucet with very interesting design lines. Being a Moen faucet, it has certain benefits over other makes. Pull-down kitchen faucets by Moen are known to have the best reach, the most flexible hose and a water on/off button on the sprayer, which is often called wand. The most popular finishes which are stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze are both available for the Brantford faucet. These qualities set Brantford apart from other models making it one of the most sought for kitchen faucets.

Here we have to add that Moen faucets employ very high precision dock and wand to achieve a perfect connection. Reinforced by a well balanced hose weight, Moen wands are among the best docking wands in the industry even without using magnets.

One of the long term bestsellers is Delta Leland. It is a high gooseneck, too. Its graceful lines inspired by Grandma’s retro teapot are eye-catching. A lot of matching accessories are available within the Leland collection which are not limited only to the kitchen. There are also matching style bathroom faucets, towel racks, tissue holders and a few others.

The main strength of Delta Leland is its overall harmony. It is of an impressive size, heavy and well made. A number of finishes, among which the most popular are the stainless steel one and the dark bronze variation that is called by Delta Venetian Bronze. The bronze color faucets look especially elegant on light granite counter-tops.

The pull-down function is friendly and easy to use. The sprayer dock is equipped with strong magnets that hold the wand firmly in its place where it returns with an elegant click. There are inbuilt magnets also in the wand itself, that is why the best way of detaching the wand is turning it until the poles start repelling. But you can also find it good enough to just take the wand and pull it. You won’t have to apply any excessive effort. The magnetic pull works with intelligence. It feels like it recognizes the gentle pull and yields to the human hand.

The only thing that especially those who often want to pull the sprayer over the edge of the sink may find missing is a water-off control on the sprayer. The water can be turned off using the handle, of course. But it is a bit less elegant and handy than you would have it with a faucet that has this control on its wand.

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