Dec 212012

Just one enhancement for the kitchen that does not cost a fortune will definitely be a stainless steel kitchen sink from one of the most popular brands. While there are other materials from which popular kitchen sinks are made of, stainless steel remains one of the most practical.

It is useful to know the concept of a gauge. It is a measurement that shows how thick and solid is the steel sheet from which the sink has been made. The lower the number the more solid the sink is with thicker walls and higher resistance to dents. Among the most popular, there are 16 and 18 gauge sinks. It is actually not recommended to go higher than 18 because the thinner sinks may not provide user experience as good as you would expect from a reliable kitchen sink.

Even though it is not always possible to tell the difference by touching, 16 gauge sinks are more robust and damage resistant that 18 gauge ones. The famous Kraus 16 gauge sinks are available on Amazon for the price of an average 18 gauge sink.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks can be “undermount” or “drop-in”. The undermount sinks get attached under the counter top so that no part of the sink appears over the surface. it streamlines cleaning of the counter top since the particles do not have to travel up the rim. They just come directly into the sink without getting under the rim. It explains why just undermount sinks is the preferred option in many cases. The drop-in sinks are usually the best option on a stand-alone cabinet where they will have to stand supported by the walls only. We don’t recommend drop-in sinks for installing on counter-tops. They are just not as convenient as the undermount models.

An extremely popular style of a steel kitchen sink is the so called farmhouse or apron sinks. The front of this sink sticks out from the cabinet on which it is installed resembling an apron. This is the most profound type of sink and is loved by many for its deepness and multiple functions. You can indeed wash your dog in it. And if it happens to be a double sink, then it is even double convenient since it can be very helpful organizing the work in the kitchen.

A good thing to consider is a double-bowl stainless steel sink. Those sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best selling ones are those with equal bowl size. It is also our preferred option.

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