Delta Ashton vs Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet

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May 252011
Delta Ashton vs Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet

 Common Features Of Delta Ashton And Leland Kitchen Faucets Delta Ashton kitchen faucet is one of the most popular and in demand kitchen faucets of Delta. But it competes heavily with Delta Leland and at times even loses the battle. Diamond™ Seal And Magnatite™ Both faucets are equipped with the advanced Delta patented solutions like […]

May 142011

Here you have a set of Delta Touch Faucet reviews for your convenience of choice as you consider bringing changes and advanced features to what is most likely the „heart” of your house – the kitchen. There are several models of Delta faucets that feature Touch2O™ technology. They are touch sensitive which means that the […]

May 122011
Delta Addison Bathroom Faucet - Hands Free And Touch Sensitive

Shape Of Delta Addison Is Inspired By Scallop Shells The shape of Delta Addison touch free lavatory faucet is again ocean inspired. The curvy lines resemble those of scallop shells. When you have this faucet in your bathroom, it gives the whole room slightly different image. It makes me think of ocean waves washing a […]

May 112011
Delta Faucet Lahara Hands Free Bathroom Faucet Now Available

The new Delta Lahara Bathroom faucet is an advanced faucet from Delta faucets Lahara series bathroom faucets. With both touch-free and touch sensitive technology, it is now available at Amazon. Useful Facts About Delta Faucets Lahara Touch Free Bathroom Faucet But if you feel you have not heard enough about this advanced, high technology packed […]

May 102011

Installation Of Delta Ashton Faucet The installation is no different from other Delta pull-out faucets.  It is made easy and requires very little skill. As a matter of fact, anyone who has ever succeeded to screw on a nut on a bolt can do the installation with confidence. >>Watch a video here<< When you unpack […]

Apr 302011

The Non Touch Sensitive Is A Good Faucet Too When you read about Delta Ashton kitchen faucets, pay attention to the model numbers. They are 19922 and 19922T. The „T” in the end of the number means that this model is Touch Sensitive and uses the famous Delta Touch2O® technology. The regular model is available […]

Apr 222011
Delta Savile Faucet Features Delta Smart Solutions Technologies

Diamond On Ceramic The heavy duty high arc easy to install Delta Savile Faucet lasts 10 times longer than the industry standard due to the advanced Diamond™ Seal technology. You cannot see that on the outside, but the hardest and most durable surface known so far to the mankind is used inside the valve to […]

Apr 222011

A powerful magnet pulls the Delta Allora kitchen faucet spray head right in place after the use. That is the Delta patented Magnatite™ technology at work. The nozzle sits snugly in its place when not being used. The pull-out faucets of the sculpture-like Allora collection resemble an industrial tool when the nozzle is pulled out […]