Feb 052014

Kitchens are getting more and more advanced nowadays. People use different solutions to make the chores easier so they can have more time to spend with the family or to rest after a busy day. Touchless kitchen faucet is one of the many things designed to streamline the kitchen routine. Two great touchless kitchen faucets […]

Nov 172013
Touchless Kitchen Faucets - Moen Arbor compared with Kohler Sensate

Wave like a magician over Moen touchless kitchen faucet Arbor, and it will turn on. Wave again, and it will turn off. Or you can turn it on simply placing something under it. There is a proximity sensor that does it. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor kitchen faucet with Motionsense is by far my favorite hands free […]

Sep 102013
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense - Just Wave The Water On

What Users Say About Arbor Motionsense MAIN BENEFITS: 1. Innovative and reliable with a lot of proof of user satisfaction 2. Great for young children 3. Great for aged people 4. Power from AC adapter (with the option to use 6 AA batteries) 5. Pull-down function with stop button on the sprayer 6. Ergonomic sprayer […]

May 122011
Delta Addison Bathroom Faucet - Hands Free And Touch Sensitive

Shape Of Delta Addison Is Inspired By Scallop Shells The shape of Delta Addison touch free lavatory faucet is again ocean inspired. The curvy lines resemble those of scallop shells. When you have this faucet in your bathroom, it gives the whole room slightly different image. It makes me think of ocean waves washing a […]

May 112011
Delta Faucet Lahara Hands Free Bathroom Faucet Now Available

The new Delta Lahara Bathroom faucet is an advanced faucet from Delta faucets Lahara series bathroom faucets. With both touch-free and touch sensitive technology, it is now available at Amazon. Useful Facts About Delta Faucets Lahara Touch Free Bathroom Faucet But if you feel you have not heard enough about this advanced, high technology packed […]