May 142011

Here you have a set of Delta Touch Faucet reviews for your convenience of choice as you consider bringing changes and advanced features to what is most likely the „heart” of your house – the kitchen. There are several models of Delta faucets that feature Touch2O™ technology. They are touch sensitive which means that the […]

Apr 302011

The Non Touch Sensitive Is A Good Faucet Too When you read about Delta Ashton kitchen faucets, pay attention to the model numbers. They are 19922 and 19922T. The „T” in the end of the number means that this model is Touch Sensitive and uses the famous Delta Touch2O® technology. The regular model is available […]

Apr 242011
Delta Ashton Kitchen Faucet - Will It Make Chores Easier?

“This is so superior to the faucets I’ve owned or installed before…” Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton is tall, robust and sculptural. It has a number of great features that have kept it on the bestseller’s list for quite a time. Details But there are also a number of things that are good to know about before going […]