Apr 222011
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Delta faucets with InnoFlex™ waterways are easy to install.

There are only some basic things that need to be well taken in before we begin.

  1. This video shows you how to install a Delta pull-out faucet, which means that there will be a hose moving in the spout when you pull the spray head.
  2. That hose will have to be connected to the faucet outlet which comes out of the bottom of the faucet (the shorter end).
  3. Before connecting, the hose needs to be put through the spout and the base, and, eventually, through the hole in the counter-top or the sink. Here also the question can be answered as to why the hose could not come already pre-assembled. Yeah, you see, there might be some difficulty to get it through its hole when looped, especially with the round metal weight on.

I think, if we realize that, there won’t be any more difficulty.

This 3 minutes video shows us everything that needs to be done.

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