Apr 152012

I am really honored to welcome you because you are definitely a person who cares. Saving water in a broader sense means caring for the well-being of the nation and the Earth as a whole.

WaterSense is a program of Environmental Protection Agency which issues the Water Sense label to products that comply with the standards of saving water through using it with higher efficiency. The aim of this project is saving water without sacrificing the performance.

While there have not been standards for kitchen faucets clearly outlined by WaterSense, Delta Faucets company has taken the initiative to develop highly efficient kitchen faucets that use 1.5 gallons per minute water flow rate. Delta’s patented MultiFlow™ technology provides the possibility to easily switch to a faster flow. When more water is needed for such operations as filling pots or the sink, it can be easily toggled on with a button which is most often located on the spray wand.

The following Delta pull-down kitchen sink faucets come with MultiFlow™ feature:

Ashton 19922T-SSSD-DST

Ashton 19922-SSSD-DST

Addison 9192T-SD-DST

Addison 9192T-DST

The following Delta pull-out kitchen sink faucets come with MultiFlow™ feature:

Linden 4153-SSSD-DST

Linden 4153-DST

Linden 4353-SD-DST

Linden 4353-DST

The following Delta touch sensitive kitchen faucets come with MultiFlow™ feature:

Ashton 19922T-SSSD-DST

Addison 9192T-SD-DST

Addison 9292T-DST

The following Delta bar/prep faucets come with MultiFlow™ feature:

Addison 9992T-DST

Addison 9992-DST

There is only one touch sensitive bar/prep faucet available with MultiFlow™ feature at the time of writing of this article:

Addison 9992T-DST

Delta Faucets was named the WaterSense partner of the year 2011.

Other faucet manufacturers that have been either named partners of the year or won the WaterSense excellence award are Moen and Kohler.

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