Feb 052014

Kitchens are getting more and more advanced nowadays. People use different solutions to make the chores easier so they can have more time to spend with the family or to rest after a busy day. Touchless kitchen faucet is one of the many things designed to streamline the kitchen routine.

Two great touchless kitchen faucets compared>>>

With a touchless kitchen faucet, you can always have the pre-adjusted water temperature and pressure, you don’t need to clean your hands every time you turn the faucet on or off. And the faucet does not require cleaning after every session. Young children can learn earlier to help themselves for water.

But how reliable are the sophisticated sensor technologies used in kitchen faucets of this type? How likely are these faucets to be turning on all by themselves? What if it happens in the middle of the night and wakes the whole family from sleep?

User experience, as shared on Amazon marketplace and other forums, shows us that these faucets have a lot of praise and very little complaints. However, the possibility of unassisted turning on in some rare occasions cannot be completely excluded.

The sensors can be triggered by pets, waving curtain or even exposure to direct sunlight. The faucet turns on also when the power is restored after a cut. Likewise, voltage fluctuations, if they happen, can turn the faucet on.

Are these big risks? No, they are not. With a few simple yet effective measures, you can reduce them down to practically zero. In most situations, curtains can be organized and sunlight sheltered. Pets, unless they are extremely brave or stubborn, will soon learn to stay clear since the water turning on scares them.

Only the mains power is usually beyond our control. It can be straightened, of course, by uninterruptible supplies. But that can be an overkill if done for the faucet alone. You won’t feel much hurt, after all, if the faucet turns on during daytime in some very rare occasion, will you? But for a better night sleep, turn the faucet off in the evening. Turn it on again in the morning, so it can be your trustworthy hands-free kitchen faucet throughout the day.

One warning would be though not to go for a self proclaimed or unbranded solution. Their cheaper price, as a rule, means higher risks. Great touchless kitchen faucets are manufactured by Moen and Kohler companies.

Two great touchless kitchen faucets compared>>>

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